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Design creates Culture,
Culture shape Values,
Values determine the Future

WOODWORK, since 1995

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All type of quality wood furniture in Europe protecting sustainability.


Timeless & Cosy

Textiles designed in Belgium draw from scratch by hand.


Soft & Warm

Children new best friend, Jack soft teddy in different colors.


Baby & Junior

Handmade draw wallpapers, easily combined with our WoodWork atmosphere.

Wood Work
The good product, the good quality for the good price




For over 20 years we have combined the best functional techniques with true creativity to develop a reputation for quality and modernity.

This has now become a true asset for our company. Our young team are full of ideas and are constantly inspired by the love of children, and it is this that has driven the successful international development of our business.

The centre of our universe and our business is our love of children. It is this that inspires our creativity, translating this into unique designs using the warmth of wood as our preferred material, while always respecting the need for reliability, simplicity and effective functionality in all our products. In addition to the intrinsic qualities of our selected materials ( solid beech wood, MDF), we have developed an beautiful palette of fresh colours to personalise any nursery. From cots to cotbeds, junior beds, wardrobes, changing tables, desks and many other accessories ... 

“ Our innovative designs are represented in a dozen different collections, with styles that will suit all the different personalities. ”



Since 1995 Wood Work creates and produces superior quality rooms designed for your children. Wood Work develops an exclusive brand of Soft Toys & Home collection called Jack'n Rose, producing fluffy soft toys and 9 textile collections to dress up your bedroom.

Wood Work also designs and distributes 2 complete collections of superior quality wallpapers Jack'n Rose Junior and Jack'n Rose Baby.

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